Kristina Dragomir creates an artistic expression of people’s personalities. She creates interesting shapes and makes spectacular hats. As a student of the University of Fine Arts, Kristina Dragomir was already thinking of creating a luxury hats brand. She has always followed her instincts and after receiving her M.A. and Ph.D. in Visual Arts, she made her dream come true. Her hats convert the head into a living artifact. Creator who cultivate object design by bringing together traditional craft and art in the same workshop in order to create emotion. The visual artist promotes the wearable art concept thus contributing to the drawing of a fantastic hat image.

The concept of wearable art that is to be found in every collection of hers is in fact a contribution to the fantastic image of the hat, specific for the contemporary fashion.

Driven by idea, with a modern approach of functionality, she went back to roots anchored in history in order to learn from the past how to craft the future. Her perpetual experiment is one of the most eloquent restoration initiatives of a craftsmanship during modern times in order to place it in the service of object design. For Kristina Dragomir, the hat is a very important accessory for the nonverbal communication repertoire. Having the strong thought that the ultimate sophistication of someone’s personality or style lies in accessories, Kristina Dragomir creates fantastic, cool hats that one can use as a mean of communication. Luxurious hats that serve the purpose of emphasizing one’s appearance, becoming an extension of the personality. Beautifully handcrafted heads not hats that add completeness, expressivity and attractiveness to one’s individuality. Kristina’s work involves a continuous explorative research into form and materiality. Inspired by nature, his work is a symbiotic mix of art and a traditional millinery crafting including techniques materialized into sculptural artefacts. Kristina has ventured into her lifetime’s expedition by making the reintroduction of hat in the everyday stylistic vocabulary of Romanian ladies and man alike.