Kristina Dragomir is like a drop of ink in a glass of clear water. Fascinating, contagious, subtile.
She’s like her hats. Or rather her hats are like her. You can’t miss her in a room.

She is a distinctive person.Kristina started her studies at the University of Fine Arts. She received her M.A. and Ph.D from the University of Bucharest, in Visual Arts. She has always followed her instincts and created interesting shapes. And she has been letting her fantasy slave her hands ever since 2006. She makes beautiful heads and not hats. If there’s a hat you’re wearing, then it’s wrong. A hat impersonates you and makes a beautiful head. What Kristina creates is an artistic expression of a people’s personality. That’s why you won’t find two pieces alike in her exclusive portfolio and her works and designs have enjoyed continuous press coverage. Kristina Dragomir collaborates with many respected designers such as Maria Lucia Hohan and Philippe Guilet and with notable Hollywood`s-stylist Bea Åkerlund. FTV awarded her and both theatre and cinema, call upon the expertise of Kristina Dragomir. At the same time famous international brands commissioned Kristina to create special hats for them. She also supplies exquisite boutiques in Romania, as well as stores in locations around the world including Paris, Chicago, Brescia, Kiev, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

Kristina Dragomir was appointed official supplier for the Romanian Royal Family. ASR Princess Margaret has worn Kristina Dragomir hats on many high profile occasions: Royal Ascot, The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee or Royal Marriage in Luxembourg.
The complex manufacture procedure of her hats, the fact that she searches the world for the materials she uses and her constant adaptation to the society evolution by inventing different ways to wear the same hat, makes her creations amazing and unique. She has teary eyes when she speaks about her hats, about how complex is everything in their manufacture and that is true dedication! Everything you see and touch is handcrafted with passion.

People you may know, as well as people we already know proudly wear her hats, today.